8th Oct 2014

Some days it all comes down on you.When Will Shakespeare penned his famous line, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Henry VI (Part 2), he probably realized it was a timeless idea. And lawyers may be declining in number due to their unique suspected method of birth control anyway.

But would it really be wise to be rid of them? Just think: Without lawyers, there would be no one to blame for all the confusion in government and there would also be no one to stand between the innocent man and his false accuser. But does it need to be so involved? Maybe we should just have one law: the “do right law”. But then someone would have to clarify what’s right. It might take more than one person to really come to a good thoughtful conclusion. And of course it would need to be written out and published for everybody. It would have to be interpreted for different situations. For example one might do right by driving grandma to the store, unless the driver happens to be a small child.

You can see where this is going. Before long we have many variations of the do right rule, folks who are educated and trained in interpretation and implementation of the variations, folks who can champion the two opposing sides when there is controversy over proper application and folks who can make the decision as to which side in the controversy should prevail. It looks like lawyers may be inevitable. So their unique birth control method may need to be overlooked so they can continue to be the scapegoats for all this. But does their method of birth control really need to be their personalities, as it so often is?

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