8th Oct 2014

You should seek medical attention for any lingering injury and do not make any commitments to an insurance company until you are sure you’re not hurt. It is not unusual for the stiffness and soreness you assume will go away to linger and reveal profound injury weeks after the accident. Wait a couple of months after you have no symptoms to decide what to do. If you continue to have symptoms, get medical attention to see how badly you’re hurt.

An attorney should not only help you evaluate the claim properly but should also help you with the confusion of all the insurance and medical bill issues. If the claim is simple, for example you hurt your neck, get limited treatment, the medical bills are covered by your own med pay and you make a full recovery, you usually don’t need an attorney. You can often resolve the case yourself without the attorney expense so long as you have some idea of the reasonable value the insurance company should pay you. If it gets complicated though, you will usually benefit from an attorney, get more for your case and have the security of having the attorney help with all the confusion.

Just make sure to ask what success the attorney has had with cases like yours and specifically including jury trials of cases like yours. Some attorneys advertise heavily, take in many cases then always settle them cheaply and profit from the volume instead of the quality of their work. Many of the attorneys you see in ads have never or seldom ever taken cases through a trial to get optimal results for their client. The insurance companies keep statistics on attorneys and will offer much less to an attorney who is not willing and experienced in trial work. Many of the attorneys are afraid of trial and/or have little or no experience with trials. If the attorney can’t deliver when the insurance company threatens to go to trial, the insurance company will bluff him/her into a cheap settlement.

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