imagesExperienced in all forms of wills and trusts, charitable giving, estate plans, guardianships, limited liability companies, living wills and medical  and durable powers of attorney, probate estates and transference of interests of a deceased.

Most folks don’t need an expensive estate plan and are vulnerable to popular presentations by people trying to sell products such as trusts or insurance.  The presentation is usually quite compelling and accompanies a luncheon at a nice hotel or meeting place.  The incentive is usually an exaggerated story about probate and how it must be avoided.  Don’t fall for such marketing.  An honest estate planning attorney will tell most people they do not need expensive plans and will tailor something which most economically meets their needs.  Many trusts for example come from standard formats, already pre-drafted.  The few changes necessary to fit a particular person’s estate plan will rarely take more than a few hundred dollars worth of time.  If you’re quoted a price in the thousands of dollars, your estate plan may be subject to “over production” by the professional selling his services, to make himself a lot of money and save you little over the cost of a typical, more understandable and straightforward plan.

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