27th Sep 2014

You can have the insurance company for the party at fault fix your car or you can have your own insurance company fix your car. The difference is when you have your insurance fix the car you will have to pay the deductible then collect reimbursement from the other company. But sometimes that’s easier than haggling with the other company over the appropriate repair. Many companies will try to rip you off with lower quality parts than what you had. If you deal with a reputable company, they will typically allow competing bids from reputable body shops then pay for the repair without arguing because they trust the body shop.

So you need to call some reputable body shops you trust, and then work with the insurance company you intend to use, get the estimates and the appropriate cost should not then be arguable. If the insurance company wants to reduce the cost, they will then have to do so by negotiating with the body shop rather than trying to chisel you. On the other hand, if there are repairs the company is contending are not accident related or are not necessary, it will be up to the body shop to either tell you what is provable and why, or to convince the insurance company the repairs are warranted.

Bottom line – get a reputable body shop that works with the insurance company often and let them determine the calls.


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