imgresExperienced with 501(c)(3) formation and operations, non-profit leadership, with emphasis on strategic management, decision making, team building, problem solving and communication, as applied in the area of non profit business, philanthropy, public relations and development.

Legal consultant for various non-profit organizations and significant experience in forming, and advising non-profit enterprises around the country including:

  • Board formation, conduct and procedures
  • By-laws and operating procedures
  • Staff manuals and guidelines
  • Accounting and fundraising guidelines
  • Visionary planning and advice on national expansion
  • Public relations and meetings
  • Asset acquisition, ownership and disposition
  • Human resources questions and disputes
  • Creating and evaluating employment and benefit contracts
  • Interpreting applicable governmental laws, standards and regulations
  • Litigation concerning business and labor issues
  • National and International Adoption and Abused Child Relief
  • Fundraising and Planned Giving

Community Experience

Member of governing and operating board for a private school of 1200 students, with tasks and experience that included:

  • Creation of manual of school policies and procedures
  • Hiring and firing of executive level staff
  • Negotiating and creating employment contracts
  • Negotiating and creating contracts with third parties
  • Fundraising oversight
  • Public relations and public meeting presentation

Member of visionary planning board for a leading international youth ministry, with tasks and experience that included:

  • Strategic short and long range planning of expanding the influence of the organization around the world
  • Fundraising for support of expansion and goals
  • Assessing effectiveness of expansion
  • Travel to other countries to encourage, support and assess effectiveness of personnel
  • Recruiting outsiders to assist in the mission

Chairman of advisory board for children’s mental health care center with tasks and experience that included:

  • Training, educating and empowering an initial board
  • Strategic short and long range planning of expanding the mission
  • Fundraising for support of expansion and goals
  • Training in the Terry Axelrod “Raising More Money” methodology
  • Public relation presentations
  • Development of public relation and fundraising projects
  • Building a passion for the mission and recruiting new board members

Consultant to a nationwide family counseling organization with tasks and experience that includes:

  • Visionary planning of expansion to train and equip more offices around the country
  • Oversight of contracts and personal services contracts and disputes
  • Oversight of business structure and compliance with non-profit laws and regulations

Consultant and governing board member for the High Flight Foundation of former astronaut James Irwin (Apollo 15 moon mission) with tasks and experience that included:

  • Oversight of planning and direction of outreach
  • Creation and implementation of international relational plan of networking leaders, which included presentation to heads of state of the flag of their country carried to the surface of the moon by Jim
  • Oversight of application of non-profit laws and regulations
  • Public relations
  • Assisting in building the governing board

Experienced in election and legislative politics and lobbying

Frequently asked questions:

1.  What happens to the assets of a non-profit corporation when it ceases doing business?

One of the usual requirements to qualify for special tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue code is that the assets must be distributed to another tax exempt qualified organization.  This means a family, board of directors, officers or others working with the non-profit are not able to keep the assets.

2.  How long does it take to get an exemption?

Normally the process involves creation of a non-profit corporation under state law which typically takes just a few days.  Then application must be made to the IRS for the 505(c)(3) status, which is somewhat involved and takes a minimum of a few more days.  Once the application is processed and conditionally approved, a letter is issued allowing the corporation to begin operating with temporary exempt status.  Once the corporation has operated (typically a year) and proves through its return it does indeed do business in a qualified context, the permanent status is granted.  Donor gifts are deductible once the temporary status is granted.

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