Italy 2009 188Experienced counsel for development, financing and planning of real estate, construction and marina projects, representing individuals, HOA’s, lenders and developers in personal, agricultural and commercial transactions, including shopping centers, buildings, subdivisions, HUD developments and all forms of multiple ownership, e.g. condominiums, time share and entity ownership as well as the basic sale or purchase of a home, building, land or other real estate interest.

Do you need superlative communication and persuasion skills in the presentation of your interests in public or private meetings, assemblies, or hearings?  Get experienced development and construction business counsel at all phases from planning to completion.  I have also been a municipal attorney, developing zoning and town development guidelines and ordinances.  I have successfully handled complicated litigation involving real estate, business, corporate and partnership disputes, real estate financing, foreclosures, leases, development, zoning and premises and construction liability.  From a simple house sale to the development of a huge real estate project, an experienced attorney will save you a great deal of money and worry.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I buy or sell a house without a realtor and save money?

Sure.  The advantage of a realtor is in finding a buyer or seller for the house involved.  I you are comfortable as a seller that you can find a buyer for your home, or, if you are a buyer and you can find a home on your own, it is a quite simple transaction to complete the contract and sale using a lawyer instead of a realtor.

The typical transaction involves the contract, the loan and the closing and delivery of the deed.  In most transactions the loan is done by a lender who will require a title insurance company to prepare the deed, all closing documents and the mortgage documents.  So the realtor merely finds the buyer or the home to buy and helps draft the contract.  For this service the real estate commission is typically 5%-6%.  On a $300,000 home, this is more than $15,000 to the realtor.  A good attorney can draw a typical contract for $250-$500.  So, if you are able to find the home you want or the buyer for the home you are selling, you can save a great deal of money.

2. If my mortgage is being foreclosed, can I still avoid a personal judgment against me?

Yes.  Typically, you may cure the default and reinstate your loan or you may wish to provide the lender with a deed in lieu of foreclosure or work with the lender on a “short sale” to allow you to avoid a personal judgment.

3. Do I have a right to see the accounting for my homeowner’s association expenditures of my money?


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