8th Oct 2014

Once you put your medical condition in issue by requesting money from another (or their insurance) you necessarily set aside the normal privilege as to medical records. This has some limits in that records wholly un-relatable to the condition for … more

Damages in an auto accident typically include: 1) The auto repair which is normally paid a) by the “at fault” driver’s insurance or b) your insurance less the applicable deductible (usually about $500 deductible); 2) The medical expenses which are, … more

In addition to the police investigation and pursuit of the driver, if the hit and run vehicle was stolen, was under insured or was uninsured, your own policy will typically have an uninsured/under insured motorist coverage which will cover your … more

You should have received notice of any cancellation of your insurance. If the company did not cancel it properly and notify you, it may still be on the hook for coverage. Make the company prove what steps it took to … more

Most of us buy insurance coverage for situations where we get hurt by an at fault driver who does not have insurance (uninsured motorist – UM) or does not have adequate insurance (under insured motorist – UIM) to cover the … more

Your homeowner’s insurance may provide coverage and a lawyer. At least check it out or call an attorney for a free consultation to see what you should do. If you can’t find a lawyer (I assume that’s because you don’t … more

You should seek medical attention for any lingering injury and do not make any commitments to an insurance company until you are sure you’re not hurt. It is not unusual for the stiffness and soreness you assume will go away … more

27th Sep 2014

You own your claim and your legal file. If the attorney is unresponsive to your needs, pick up your file and get another attorney. A prior attorney has a right to claim an interest in any settlement proceeds based upon … more

You can have the insurance company for the party at fault fix your car or you can have your own insurance company fix your car. The difference is when you have your insurance fix the car you will have to … more